“What’s Behind the Door?”
“An Invitation to Explore the Evangelism Purpose!”
By: Reverend Kevin D. Coakley
Equipping believers to multiply in and through local churches of Columbus Avenue Church.
“….the chief end of the gospel: the Salvation of Souls”
·      by which men/women are rescued from sin and trained for heaven
The Columbus Avenue’s Evangelism’s Department Purpose is:
·      to encourage each pastor to undertake an annual evangelistic quota (Paragraph 605 1b AME Zion 2012 Book of Discipline)
o   Annually observe “Decision Day” in October (Book of Discipline 2012 Para 605 1d)
·      To teach how individuals should evangelize.
·      To identify/establish (2-5)  two to five individuals
o   Also to serve as a point of contact
·      To equip and encourage the members of each local church to evangelize by providing biblical tracks and tools for impactful, purposeful, and meaningful ministry.
·      To train others within the congregation on the importance of evangelizing.
·      To devise an evangelistic plan with specific areas of focus. i.e., Homeless-provide resources (Government  Agency) Create a list of viable agencies to assist the department in making ministry possible. (Shelter Contacts, Abused Children/Women/Men, or Coat/Clothing ministry.
o   Plan An “Outreach Mission’s Day” with a purpose of ministering and offering Christ to the lost.
·      Adoption: Vision Casting
o   Vision Casted (Create a blueprint the evangelism vision)
o   Vision Caught (Capture by-in the evangelism vision)
o   Vision Carried (Share your vision)
·      Host a one to two day “Evangelistic Conference” A Weekend Affair (Paragraph 605, 5 Book of Discipline 2012 )
·      “So Great A Salvation” Track/Brochure
·      Create an Evangelism Budget
The AME Zion Church on Evangelism: (Paragraph 613 –in part)
A genuine revival of religion fills the church with members, arouses its activities, quickens its sympathy, and increases its moral and spiritual power by shaking off its lethargy; increases ministerial power by invigorating the soul of the Minister, makes church work easy and enjoyable, produces a spirit of benevolence among the people and proves to be a harvest season for gathering in the fruits of Pastoral seed sowing.
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What is Evangelism? Simply put...
…..it's taking advantage of opportunities to share what you know about Jesus with others.
What is evangelism?... leads us to another pertinent question...
What is the purpose of Evangelism?
Sharing what we know about Jesus is for the purpose of leading people into a personal relationship with God. By working your way systematically through this website, you will gain an understanding of several techniques and methods for doing this effectively.
What is Evangelism? What isn't it?
Please do not be confused. Evangelism is not a method or a program.
Often, When the word is mentioned, people get mental pictures of putting up a tent, going door to door, waving a Bible on a street corner and so on. Some of these methods are valid ways to reach those who need to hear, but at the heart of the matter is the idea of building relationships between people and God.
It is God's greatest desire to spend the rest of eternity with you and me. That is an awesome truth that people need to know!!
Where the word originated is important to know.
The word 'Evangelism' does not actually appear in the Scriptures. The word 'Evangelist' does.
So what is an evangelist?
By definition, an evangelist is "a preacher of the Gospel."
In the Bible, Jesus gives a command to His disciples that carries down to our generation.
"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."
Mark 16:15
Preach the Gospel!
What Does That Mean?
The Gospel, the good news, at it's core is simply the fact that Jesus Christ died on a cross for the sins of all mankind and rose again on the third day.
Because of this single act of love and mercy on the part of God, we have the opportunity and privilege of coming into a personal relationship with Him.
If we will...
* accept the sacrifice that was made for us
* confess our sins to God
* turn away (repent) of those sins and
* go forward, obeying His Word, the Bible,
* we are promised an eternal home in Heaven with Him.