Class Leaders

 Class Leaders are assigned members of the congregation and  are urged to be  concerned with the welfare of their members

*The class leader is to advise the Pastor of any sickness, death or distress of any member of his/her class

*Class Leaders are requested to hold Class Meetings at least twice in a quarter for the purpose of instruction and group support

*All Class Leaders are required to attend weekly Bible Study and or Sunday School, as well as encourage their class members to do the same


  • Evangelism Ministry
  • Men's Ministry
  • Women's Ministry
  • Singles Ministry
  • Seniors Ministry
  • Marriage Ministry
  • Benevolence Ministry 

Worship Ministries

  • Usher Boards
    • Adelaide Eaton
    • Sadie Thornhill Usher Board
    • Men's Usher Board
    • Combined Ushers
    • Children's Usher Board
  • Media
  • Hospitality
  • Liturgical Dance
  • Intercessory Prayer